Hope6 - Cristiana Apostol 2019

As the sands speak of life, so shall darkness and despair speak of light. There are some types of redemption and salvation laying dormant even in the hearts of darkness or in the middle of the deserts. This is one of my deepest beliefs, that keeps me moving forward. As water and abundant life had once existed in the now arid area, and will do so once again, so will hope, truth and life prevail, even from the deepest pits of despair.

Velocity II

Una dintre cele patru imagini expuse in cadrul Salonului Fotografului Roman 2015. ----------------------------------------- One of the four images exhibited in the Romanian Photographers' Salon 2015. Model: Maria Negri Photo&Edit: Cristiana Apostol


Insuflând viață într-un univers negru. ---------------- Breathing life into a black universe. with Ily Pop