Cristiana Apostol


Bucharest/Romania based.

Currently doing work as graphic/animation artist, cinematographer and photographer, at Aesir Studio.


Very passionate about underwater model photography.


I'm doing underwater model photography for several reasons, and these are a few of the most important (for me):


- It's flying at a more affordable level. Who hasn't dreamed, at least once, of being able to fly?


- It's fun from a to z. The whole process is very intricate, in my case, and i enjoy every step of it, from the beginning to processing the photos.


- It's do or miss. The moment we submerge a stopwatch starts, based on our ability to hold our breath, and we have to make the best of it.


- It's a lonely process. There is no sharing thoughts during photographing. It's a great experience in communication; if i manage to get my idea across to my collaborators before going underwater, i consider it a winning situation.



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